Friends Of Giant Rock (FOGR) is a group formed to address issues of concern to off-roaders, Keep riding areas open, promote responsible OHV use, help keep our desert clean, define and address unreasonable legislation restricting off-roading, enjoy the desert and have fun. CURRENTLY THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY,COMMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND NO LOG IN OR USER REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

Great article, Kinda hits the nail on the head

Land closures, water supplies, and politics

Southwest Area National Energy Corridor

Southwest Area National Energy Corridor

If your favorite BLM riding area is within the shaded area, you could lose it to alternate energy interests.


A Coalition recently met with California Marine Base representatives to discuss possible base expansion into existing Off-Highway Vehicle recreation areas.

Base Expansion Update

Surveyors eye Johnson Valley
April 8, 2008 - 2:56PM

TWENTYNINE PALMS — Bureau of Land Management and United States Marine Corps officials this week confirmed that permits have been issued to look into expanding the facility at Twentynine Palms — possibly by as much as 100,000 acres into Johnson Valley.

FOGR's Proposed Ride Program


Requiring a staging permit for more than nine people is unreasonable. It interferes with the family assemblages of about half of the off-roading community. Many families have a place they go to play pert near every weekend. Permits could cost them literally, thousands of dollars a year.
For most of us to know, weeks in advance, if we'll even need a permit is virtually impossible for all but the special occasions.
Some of the questions on the application can't even be answered truthfully in advance.


Please consider this:
“Off-roading helps build family foundations. It provides quality-sharing time. Whether it’s preparing recreational equipment together, anxiously looking forward to the fun trip or the subsequent arrival and enjoyment of adventurous riding together. It’s playing together, mutually appreciating what nature has provided, sharing the day’s challenges around the campfire, eating together and meeting friends. It’s leaving the troubles at home, and instead, sharing new family experiences. Parents learn about their children and children about parents. Returning home with memories of a time with family and with lifelong relationships built through this sharing of common interests. It builds values and character which continues for generations.”

Great Clean-up

Friends Of Giant Rock were out in force early on a windy and chilly Saturday March 15th morning.
Meeting at the Landers Post Office, we headed out with our small convoy of jeeps,vans and trucks filled with men,women and children to clean the area around the Landers Disposal site.
Armed with rakes, shovels, hundreds of trash bags and genuine desire to make our desert nicer for all.

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