Weigh in to Save RTP in CA!

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Click Take Action to urge Governor Brown NOT to opt
out of the Recreational Trails Program (RTP).  If Brown
opts out of the program federal fuel taxes paid by motorized
recreationists when they fill up their dirt bikes, ATVs, ROVs,
snowmobiles or four-wheel drive vehicles will no longer be
dedicated to building or maintaining natural surface
recreational trails in CA!



As you know, the RTP faced elimination in last session’s
transportation reauthorization showdown in Congress but thanks
to some key Members the program survived. However, there was
one compromise that was included in the final reauthorization
legislation: Governors can choose to opt their state out of
the RTP.  Governor Brown is considering exercising this

If Governor Brown chooses to opt out the RTP will no longer
exist in California.  Instead the nearly $6 million in
annual funding, that generated from a portion of funds
originally collected from motorized users at the gas pump,
will be used for purposes other than motorized and
non-motorized natural surface recreational trails.  This
would deal a serious blow to all sorts of recreational
opportunities in California.

It is imperative that you click Take Action to make
sure that Governor Brown understands how important the RTP is
to you and to recreation in his state